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This blog is intended to "fill in some blanks" and expand on some detail within SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor : Deployment and Administration.

In 1996 Justin started his career building and repairing Windows 95 desktops and Windows NT servers for Datel Systems Inc. Shortly thereafter, he and his brother Gregory Brant created Blue Sun Design LLC, designed to support small to mid-market businesses.

In 2004, he accepted a position as a Network Administrator for BioMed IRB, where he maintained the IT infrastructure consistent with FDA regulations for electronic records and patient confidentiality.

In 2009 he moved on to become the Network Systems Manager for Integrated Default Solutions (IDS), a subsidiary of McCarthy & Holthus LLP, where he managed a team of Systems Administrators and Help Desk technicians, in support of 14 sites and roughly 1500 users nationwide.

In 2014 Justin accepted a position as a Network Administrator for SpotLink, where he became the North County regional project manager.

Today, Justin is a Senior Systems Administrator for Optiv Inc., the largest holistic pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America.

In November 2013, Justin authored a book for Packt Publishing titled SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor : Deployment and Administration, and he currently holds the following certifications: