Wednesday, August 26, 2015

PuTTY Tutorial

Some of the step-by-step tutorials within SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor: Deployment and Administration make use of PuTTY, a handy open source SSH and telnet client. It is mentioned early on in the book that a PuTTY tutorial is outside of its scope. This article is intended to help bridge that gap, and provide some detail and tutorials on how to use PuTTY, for people new to the application.

Friday, August 21, 2015

SNMP Security Considerations

In Chapter 1 of SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor: Deployment and Administration you will find a number of different tutorials on how to configure SNMP on your physical and virtual infrastructure. The intent of the book is to get SolarWinds up and running quickly with minimal hassle. As such, all procedures and examples reference SNMPv2c read-only community strings. As mentioned in the book, this post is an extension of Chapter 1, Deployment Strategy, to highlight some SNMP security considerations and best practices.